Academics at Westminster

Academics at Westminster

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Familiar scene of intensive study at Westminster

A word from Dr. Jue - Based on our core values, the curriculum of the Seminary includes:

  • A Christian-Theistic defense of the faith;Dr. Poythress, professor of New Testatment Interpretation
  • The languages of the Bible, biblical introduction, biblical exegesis, biblical history, and biblical theology, which defend and expound the Scriptures; Rare Bible
  • Systematic theology, which is the logical setting-forth of the system of doctrine the Scriptures contain;
  • Church history, which records the history of God’s dealings with his people after the close of the apostolic age;
  • Homiletics, church government, liturgics, pastoral theology, missions, urban ministry, biblical counseling, and Christian education, which concern the presentation and application of the gospel to the modern world.

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue, vice president for academic affairs and associate professor of church history.