Why Westminster?

Why Westminster?

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Why come to Westminster?

The first reason why any student should choose Westminster as their place of study is the unashamed commitment to the authority of Scripture by all of our faculty, in every single classroom, for every area of ministry.  The faculty of Westminster is also wholeheartedly committed to upholding the Westminster Standards and the Reformed system of doctrine contained therein.  Yet students who desire to come to Westminster should expect not only to learn about Reformed Biblical Theology, but also how to do Reformed Biblical Theology.  The Distinctives of Westminster manifest the content and the method of what doing/producing Reformed Biblical Theology entails.  This is in fact why Westminster has been responsible for not only training men and women who go out into churches and para-church ministries, but also for those who become experts in their respective fields who go on to teach and begin other Seminaries and Academic Institutions.            

What are Westminster's Distinctives?

Westminster has been known since its inception, for holding to key theological distinctives. All of our distinctives are first and foremost built upon the authority of Scripture and secondly upon our commitment to the Westminster Standards.  The distinctives from the beginning included Systematic Theology grounded in Biblical Exegesis, Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutics, and Presuppositional Apologetics.  These particular distinctives have been held and taught throughout Westminster’s entire history, yet they have also flourished into other distinctives such as Biblical Counseling, and Christ-Centered Preaching.

Community Life and Mentored Ministry

Westminster has a number of student led organizations as well as many annual campus events.  All of these along with the regular ebb and flow of class time during the semester add to the inviting and sacrificial nature of the Westminster campus life.  Inviting becasue of the strong camaraderie that exists between fellow students who labor alongside of one another.  Sacrificial because of the strong conviction Westminster places on the student body to be more involved in a local church ministry than Westminster itself.  Thus, every M.Div., M.A.C., and M.A.U.M. is required to be involved in Menotored Ministry while they are still students. Mentored Ministry exists to give Westminster students the opportunities to take what they learn from the classroom and apply it to a particular ministry setting with the guidance of our faculty.