Master of Theology Modular Program

June 18, 2014

A new way to get a degree from Westminster

Beginning in August of 2014, Westminster will offer its Master of Theology program (Th.M.) in a modular fashion. The Th.M. program is designed to increase the students' knowledge of a major field of theological learning, furthering preparation for ministry, or more advanced graduate study. The Modular component allows students to complete the necessary course work by enrolling in week-long classes offered three times a year.

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first three courses offered:

K. Scott Oliphint

Apologetics of Cornelius Van Til

Taught by

Rev. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint

August 25th-29th, 2014

Life and Thought of Martin Luther

Taught by

Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman

January 26th-30th, 2015

Hermeneutical Foundations

Taught by

Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress

June 22nd-25th


Future classes include:

N.T. use of the O.T. - Dr. Gregory Beale
Theology of Romans - Dr. Lane Tipton
The Gospel of Matthew - Dr. Brandon Crowe
Exegesis of Ezekiel - Dr. Iain Duguid
Theology of Adoption - Dr. David Garner
Scottish Presbyterianism - Dr. Carl Trueman
Philosophy for Theologians - Dr. Scott Oliphint
Theodicy - Dr. William Edgar
New Testament Theology - Dr. Gregory Beale
History of Eschatology - Dr. Jeffrey Jue