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Reg. Returning Masters Level

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Registration Procedures for Returning Masters Level Students*

SUMMER 2014 & FALL 2014

*M.Div., M.A.R., M.A.C., Certificate and Special Level 1

Registration is binding! You are responsible for reading the information below and for choosing the appropriate courses towards fulfillment of your degree program requirements!

Before you register:

After you register:

  • Print out a copy of your completed registration for your records. (You will not receive a printed copy from the Registrar's Office.)
  • Registration is finalized by submitting tuition payment to the Finance Office.
Late Registration Period Drop/Add
Course Withdrawal
Dates Apr 7 - 18
SU14: Apr 19 - ____2
FA14: Apr 19 - Aug 15
FA14: Sep 4 - 15
FA14: Sep 16 - Nov 12
Method online only3 online only3

SU14: in person only4 FA14: online only3

in-person only5
Financial Information6

late registration fee applies drop/add fees apply course withdrawal fees apply


  1. During the registration period, students can change registration choices without incurring any additional fees.
  2. See the Summer 2014 Course Schedule for summer term late registration, drop/add and withdrawal dates.
  3. Online activity (via Self-Service) opens at 12:01am of the period's first day and closes at midnight of the period's last day.
  4. If you wish to drop/add a SU14 course, you must submit a completed Drop/Add Request form. This form is available in the rack just outside the Registrar's Office.
  5. Withdrawing from Courses: If you wish to withdraw from a SU14 or FA14 course, you must submit a completed Course Withdrawal Request form (including professor's signature). This form is available in the rack just outside the Registrar's Office. You will be assigned a "W" for the withdrawn course. If you withdraw from a course(s) after the deadline, you will receive a failing grade.
  6. Please see the Financial Information section of the catalog for tuition payment, fees, and tuition refund information.

Self-Service Tutorials:
Help with Self-Service (SS) can be found in the following PowerPoint tutorials:


Resolving Online Registration Issues:
(Also explained in Resolving Online Registration Issues in SS tutorial)

Issue #1. You are unable to log onto

Resolution: Email

Issue #2: Once logged on, you cannot register for any courses. Possible reasons and resolutions are:

  1. Reason: Registration is not currently open for your program.
    Wait until the registration period has opened before trying to register. (See registration dates above.)
  2. Reason: You are a new (first semester) or reinstating student.
    Please contact the Registrar's Office to register. (New students, please also see Registration Procedures for New Students.)
  3. Reason: You have not completed the Advanced Theological Writing (ATW) requirement.
    Please contact the Registrar's Office to register.
  4. Reason: You have dropped all the courses in your cart before adding any courses, which automatically prompts the system to withdraw you as a student.
    Resolution: Contact the Registrar's Office to remove the automatic withdrawal before trying to register again.
  5. Reason: You are not a current student.
    Resolution: Contact the Registrar's Office for instructions.
  6. Reason: Your account is on one or more "STOP" lists.
    Please contact the relevant office(s) to resolve the situation(s).  Once resolved, the stop(s) will be removed and you will be able to register. (Office associated with the stop [e.g. Library, Student Development (, Finance Office (215-572-3805)]. For an "Expired Address" Stop, please email For an "Academic" Stop, please email using your WTS email address.)

Issue #3: You are unable to register for a particular course.

Reasons include: Course conflict, corequisite/prerequisite requirement, degree or emphasis restriction, class availability, and "Permissions" course requirement


  1. For "Permissions" course:  In Self-Service: First remove the "Permissions" course from your cart, then complete registration for all other courses. Afterwards, add the "Permissions" course to your cart, request permission to take the course. Wait until you receive permission from the Registrar's Office (via email), then finish registering for the "Permissions" course in Self-Service. 
  2. For all other reasons: Email the Registrar's Office at

Issue #4: You get a "No registration groups found" message and registration periods are listed.

Resolution: Email the Registrar's Office at