Reg. ThM London

Reg. ThM London

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Registration Procedures for all ThM - London Students


All students (including those who are not taking modules) are required to register.
Registration is binding! You are responsible for reading the information below and for submitting the appropriate registration form by the appropriate deadlines.

Before you register:


The form may be submitted within the registration period via: 1) email*, 2) fax*, 3) regular mail* or 4) in person. Please see our contact information.

*Students are responsible for ensuring that the registration paperwork is submitted to the Registrar's Office by the registration deadline. Email submissions must be from your WTS student email.

After you register:

Module Dates & Deadlines

Registration Deadline Late Registration & Fee Deadline Post Modular Coursewok Deadline*
Winter ST 813L - Covenant & Christology 
(Prof. Lane Tipton)

Jan 6-10

Nov 25 Dec 16
Mar 7
Spring ST 982L - The Origins of English Nonconformity, from 1660 to 1735
(Prof. Robert Oliver)
Mar 3-7
Jan 20
Feb 10
May 2
Summer ST 761L - Topics in the Doctrine of Man
(Prof. Lane Tipton) (REVISED)
Jun 30-Jul 4
May 19
Jun 9
Aug 29
Fall CH 872L - The Life and Thought of John Owen
(Prof. Carl Trueman)
Aug 25-29
Jul 14 Aug 4
Oct 24
Fall ST 802L - The Theology of Andrew Fuller
(Prof. Michael Haykin)
Sep 2-5
Jul 14 Aug 4
Oct 31

*Post-modular coursework deadline is also the deadline to submit an Incomplete Request and/or Course Withdrawal Request. For details and instructions about submitting an Incomplete Request and withdrawing from a course, please see the appropriate Degree Program Section of the catalog.

Registration Restrictions

The following students will not be able to register:

  1. Students who have not submitted a Race/Ethnicity Survey Form to the Student Development Office. The form should be submitted to the Student Development Office before registering.
  2. Students who have been placed on "hold" by the Finance Office, the Library, the Student Development Office or the Registrar's Office. Students should make sure that all issues are resolved so that any "hold" status has been removed.