Prayer Update: Joo Heon Lee

Many of you have prayed for Joo Heon Lee, a student at Westminter who was diagnosed with oral cancer late last year. We wanted to thank you for your prayers, and provide you with an update on how Joo Heon is doing.

After his diagnosis (in November, 2018) Joo Heon decided to temporarily withdraw from his coursework to seek treatment. Because of the wait time in the States, he traveled to Korea for an operation that removed a part of his tongue, and lymph nodes in his neck. Among the risks involved in the surgery was the chance that he may not fully recover his speech.

By God’s grace, the operation was a success, and he has fully recovered his speech. Furthermore, at his follow up MRI Joo Heon was told that there was no longer any sign of the cancer!

While recuperating, Joo Heon has been able to serve at his father’s church, LA Church of Joy, in Los Angeles, California, ministering to the youth there. He’s also had the opportunity to meet with fellow Christian cancer survivors who have encouraged his faith.

Provided all goes well during his checkup later this Summer, Joo Heon plans to return to Westminster in September, and complete his MDiv.

Please join us in continuing to pray for Joo Heon through the Summer. Pray that there will be no recurrence of the cancer, that Joo Heon will remain fed by the Word, and that the Lord will use this experience to strengthen Joo Heon’s faith, and the faith of those around him.