Joint Statement of WTS and Dr. K. Scott Oliphint

Joint Statement of Westminster Theological Seminary and Dr. K. Scott Oliphint Concerning God with Us

In the Fall of 2019, it became clear to Dr. Oliphint that all of his attempts to summarily express his theological thesis with respect to God With Us (GWU) had been unsuccessful. Given the ongoing concerns of some of the critics, and in his attempt to bring peace (Rom 12:16–18), and not to insist on his own proposals, he has determined to consider his thesis and proposals, where they occur in any of his writings, to be dead and buried. He communicated this repudiation of GWU to the president and board, wherein he gave a point-by-point list of affirmations and denials to prove with utter clarity his affirmation of the classical views of God’s nature and attributes. In his own words, he confesses publicly and before all:

“…I confess and reaffirm, ex animo, the simplicity, immutability and impassibility of God. It is not possible for God to have “parts or passions,” nor is it possible for him to change in his being. What holds true for God, holds true automatically for Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As God really and truly interacts with creation, and with us, he interacts in history in various ways and using various means, and he always and everywhere interacts as the immutable, impassible and simple God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

The President and Board have gratefully received Dr. Oliphint’s repudiation of his former proposals and approved his affirmations and denials. With gratitude for Dr. Oliphint’s pursuit of peace and his humility, the Seminary welcomes him back to teaching apologetics this Fall 2020. Dr. Oliphint’s proposals concerning the essential/covenantal classification of God’s attributes, as well as their implications for the incarnation, wherever they exist in any of his writings or lectures heretofore, should be interpreted in view of this statement.