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Westminster Fund

The Westminster Fund is the lifeline of the seminary. Each year, this fund enables us to train specialists in the Bible in order to proclaim the whole counsel of God for Christ and His global church.

The Westminster fund keeps tuition affordable for our students to attend and train for a lifetime of faithful gospel ministry.
The Westminster fund supports our dedicated staff, from our Physical Plant Department to our Admissions team, all who are responsible for the seminary's day-to-day operations.
The Westminster Fund brings faculty from around the world to teach at Westminster to carry on our tradition as a stronghold for Reformed theology and scholarship.
The Westminster fund keeps the lights on and doors open, allowing us to continue training future pastors, teachers, counselors, and leaders that will form untold thousands of hearts, minds, and souls for Christ's kingdom.
Sending money to a seminary is not some kind of abstraction -- it’s the insurance for the present and the future that our soul-shepherds be well trained and be godly people. You’re investing in people who are learning how to expound God’s word. That’s going to spillover to benefit not only believers, but if the gospel is spread wide enough it will challenge non-believers to come to faith. I can’t think of anything more important.
- Dr. William Edgar
Professor of Apologetics

Rona Babb is a student pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion. She  plans to graduate in 2020. Rona grew up on a big farm in Arkansas, in Spain, and in South Korea. Before coming to Westminster, she served as a missionary in South Korea for six years. After graduation, she plans to go on to study Counseling Psychology while working as a biblical counselor.

Bryan Selby is student pursuing a Master of Divinity. He plans to graduate in 2022. Bryan also works as the Faculty Support Assistant for the seminary’s Academic Affairs Department. After graduating from Westminster, Bryan plans to serve as a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America and pursue doctoral work in the areas of Systematic Theology and Apologetics.

Timothy Brindle is a student pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Old Testament studies. He completed the Master of Divinity program at Westminster in 2016 and currently serves as a youth pastor at Crossroads Community Church (PCA) in Upper Darby, PA. Timothy and his wife Floriana have been blessed with nine children, including one who has gone ahead to glory.

Joel Richards is a student pursuing a Master of Divinity. He plans to graduate in 2022. After graduation, Joel plans to minister in Hungary and support the church, particularly in the area of disciple-making. Joel and his wife, Eszti have a son named Charlie and are expecting another child soon.

Victor Kim is a student pursuing his Master of Theology in Old Testament studies. He completed the Master of Divinity program at Westminster in 2017. After graduation, Victor hopes to minister abroad and work with local pastors.

Giving Opportunities

Full Scholarships

Your gifts towards scholarships allow students from around the world to attend Westminster and dedicate their time to train for gospel ministry and make Christ known to more people in more places—for generations to come. Read more about our students and click on a photo below.

Rona Babb
Bryan Selby
Timothy Brindle
Joel Richards
Victor Kim
I am just so amazed and filled with gratitude that our donors would be so generous.
- Winston Coltart
MDiv 2018

Why Donate to WTS

Listen to our graduates reflect on their time at Westminster and their plans for future ministry.
Winston Coltart (MDiv) is amazed at the generosity of people like you who invest in his ministry.
We asked our students who most influenced their decision to pursue full-time gospel ministry. Listen to their stories.
Gethin Jones (MAR) says thank you to our financial partners for making his education possible!
Professor Bill Edgar
Dr. Peter Lillback shares how Westminster has influenced the world.

Ways to Give

Your charitable giving should accommodate your personal philanthropic interests and goals as well as your individual financial needs. Westminster Theological Seminary’s volunteers, staff and advisors would be pleased to discuss with you and your advisors the many ways in which contributions to Westminster Theological Seminary can benefit the Seminary, while at the same time providing benefits to you.

Cash Giving
Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds
Retirement Plan Interests
Other Non Liquid Gifts
Innovative Giving

Cash Giving

Make checks payable to WTS.  Mail checks to Westminster Theological Seminary, Advancement Office, 2960 Church Rd., Glenside, PA 19038 Online donations – You can also contribute to WTS and give through your credit card on the form below. Our website supports both regular systematic giving and special gifts via credit or debit card. For wire transfers or direct transfers from your checking account contact our Advancement Office at 215-572-3830 or email them at

Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds

Appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds that you have held for over 12 months are great gifts to make to accomplish your giving objectives.

  • You get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock on the date of transfer
  • You avoid capital gains tax which you would have paid if you had sold the asset and then given to WTS
  • WTS gets the full fair market value of your gift

WTS maintains an account at Charles Schwab for the purpose of facilitating the transfer of publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual fund positions. Please contact our Development Office at 215-572-3830 or email them at To do transfer traded stocks, bonds, and mutual fund positions, download an Instructions for Giving Stock and Mutual Funds form.  Submit the original Letter of Authorization to the firm currently holding your shares. Mail a copy of the letter to WTS or email a copy of it to us at

Retirement Plan Interests

If you are over 70 ½ you are able to give directly from your IRA to WTS.  You can give any amount up to $100,000 to WTS. This gift will not be included in your income and thus you will not get an income tax deduction for it.  It is like a 100% tax deduction because it is not limited to 50% of your AGI. All you need to do is contact your IRA Custodian and tell them of your desire. They will give you a form to complete the gift. Please note that written consent from your spouse may also be required. Please contact us for further information at 215-572-3830, or fill in your information in the provided area below.

Other Non Liquid Gifts

You may make gifts of non-liquid assets such as real estate, business interests, and personal property such as cars, boats, inventory, etc. to WTS. Again, these are gifts where you get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift, avoid capital gains tax, and have the maximum amount go to WTS.

Innovative Giving

WTS offers a variety of giving solutions designed to accomplish your charitable goals and objectives, while meeting your life needs at the same time.  We offer Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts for those who might use these vehicles to accomplish some of their giving objectives. Charitable Gift Annuities You make a gift to WTS (minimum $25,000), and we agree to pay you or the person you designate a fixed amount for the rest of your life or their lives (or lives, for a two-person example).  Immediately or upon your death, the amount remaining for charity is distributed to WTS. You receive a partial income tax deduction and receive income for the rest of your life. Charitable Remainder Trust You transfer assets into the trust, your avoid capital gains tax, you receive income for life, and the remaining trust balance goes to WTS. Charitable Lead Trust You transfer assets into the trust, the trust makes ongoing payments to WTS, and the remaining trust balance goes to your heirs after the time period of the trust. Life Insurance Gifts of existing life insurance policies can give you current tax deductions and provide future gifts to the ministry.

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The Faces of Advancement

Peter Lillback
Jerry Timmis
Vice President of Advancement, Engagement and Strategy
Andrew Schwartz
Director of Stewardship Strategy and Operations
Elizabeth Tawadros
Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving
Timothy Brindle
Senior Advancement Officer
David Fernandez
Advancement Relationship Specialist
Joel Richards
Alumni Associate and Advancement Processing Specialist